Davis, 5 months home | Texture Tuesday

Oh July just flew by!!! Between having our family in town for the first two weeks and being out of town on a family vacation towards the end, I just couldn’t believe how fast it went. But, goodness! We had such fun!! The cousin fun continued through Davis’ birthday through the first two weeks of July.  We did a lot of swimming and playing, and I am pretty sure we all slept really well each night! We got to celebrate another “first” with Forth of July! Davis was not impressed with fireworks, and we spent the evening watching them from inside the door (he was much more interested in seeing how the door knob worked than the amazing fireworks going on outside! Ha!).  Maybe next year will be better! Take a look at our month of July!!

I had my first Jeni’s Ice Cream experience.  I get it. It is amazing.

Cousin love! 
Happy 4th!! 
Our whole family came together at church that Sunday to celebrate our Davis getting Baptized. It was so amazing having our family, friends, and church family there! So many people prayed for the day we would finally be together as a family. I love that we were able to baptize him, and we will be able teach him of God’s grace and it is a grace that works in his life before he is even aware of it! One of my favorite verses is, “Let the little children come to me… for it is to such as these that the kingdom of God belongs” Mark 10:14
We celebrated that night out in Nashville at Puckett’s! 
While we are having SO many amazing and good days, we are seeing some really, no so very good moments… especially after nap! And when the grumpies come… sometimes you just need to cover his head with a blanket, and let him be!
After 5 months home. Davis is kind of starting to like our dog Toby… Toby is learning to like Davis, especially since he is a messy eater and he gets what Davis drops. 
We had such an amazing time with our Florida family, and just hated to see them go.  Good-byes are no fun.. wishing TN and FL were a little closer together. 
My heart can hardly take his yumminess! 
Night out with my friends to celebrate a birthday! I am getting better about leaving Davis for small periods of time:) 
And we left early one morning to head to Grand Cayman for a week.  Such a great trip! The location and the family time was so wonderful!
Our little water baby! He is getting the idea of swimming!! 
And back home. Home, sweet home! My favorite place! Davis’ too.  We are both alike in that sense.  We love to go on adventures, but it is so nice to come back home! 
We had Davis’ 2 year old Well Visit! 50%tile in height, 10%tile in weight, passed his hearing and vision.  He is growing and learning like crazy! Our doctor thought his language skills are average to above average for his age, and that with only hearing English for a 5 months! 24lbs and 34 1/2 inches tall. 
What a fun summer it has been! It has just flown by and we have really tried to slow down and enjoy it all.  Davis is talking more and more, and has around 40 words that he is using regularly. He is also starting to put words together like “help please” and “mama up.” It is just so incredible to hear his little voice. I can remember about this time last year getting a video of Davis.  I was just DYING to hear him make a sound, anything at all. Now I get to hear him talking all the time (and I mean that, truly ALL the time, all day long!) It is so incredible what a difference a year makes. Truly! 

Nashville, TN Family Photographer | Moore Family

Why am I just now sharing this amazing session!?!? Oh right, life got crazy last fall and then we traveled 7ooo miles around the world to get our baby! That is why! Oh this family! Oh how I love them!! Their happy girl Violet was such fun photographing in downtown Nashville, and I just loved how these images turned out.  Her little 3 years old personality just shined through and her mama and daddy couldn’t help but smile too.  Take a look at one of my favorite family’s of three!!

Davis, Our 4th Month Home | Texture Tuesday

June has been my favorite!!!!! We had so many fun things going on this month, friends visiting, our first date night since bring him home, our first road trip/family beach trip/sleeping away from home trip, building a playset in our back yard, preparing for Davis’ 2nd birthday party, potty training, and family coming into town to celebrate!  It was a busy but awesome month! Again, Davis started talking more! His latest words were “more” and “help.”  His “more” sounded like a muffled “ma ma” and his “help” sounded like a yelping puppy, but I love hearing his little voice.  

Our friends from Illinois came to visit us for a weekend! We got to hang out for a few days in Korea while they were meeting their son for the first time and going to court.  Their court date was one week before ours, and they brought their son, Deacon, home one week before we brought Davis home! It was so great to have them here, and have both our boys HOME! Last time we were together, we cried, we prayed, we wished, we dreamed about our boys finally being home. So this trip, to actually see them together was pretty incredible! We cannot wait until our next visit! 
We went on our first road trip to Hilton Head so I could shoot THIS wedding! It was amazing once we were there, but Davis is not on board for long car rides yet.  He doesn’t really sleep well in the car and our little fella with no nap = no fun! We broke the first trip into two days and visiting with our friends in Georgia. The next day however, we had a grumpy boy who got a random bloody nose and tons of traffic.  It took us forever to get there! BUT we did get there and we took Davis for his first walk on the beach! 
He Loves the ocean, but hated the sand… see his grumpy face on the far right… that is his thoughts of sand on his hands or feet.  My thoughts too bud…
The ride home was MUCH better! We were on the road by 6:00 so I think that really helped.  ***Note to self, leave for road trips EARLY!!
Daddy and Uncle Brad built a pretty awesome play set for Davis in our back yard! Davis loves it!! We got to see our friends Lori and Davis again twice this month!

We ordered art canvases for our den of our amazing family session and hung them up!! We are in love with them!!! More on our family session with Chesley soon!
My sister and her kiddos came down for Davis’ birthday celebration!! Loved our time playing with them, and so fun to watch them all play together. 
Birthday party fun!! Our boy is 2!!!! What a fun day with our friends coming out to play and celebrate with us.  I remember this day so well last year.  So many tears shed for our boy since we couldn’t be with him.  So many tears shed for Davis’ birthmom. Such an incredible day for our boy but so hard on us to not be with him.  In Korea, their first birthday is a really big deal, and it was so hard not being able to celebrate with him.  So this year, we wanted to have a big celebration together to celebrate our little guy being HOME, for good! 
Oh, and we started potty training…. What was I thinking! But no, really! He did so well! 

Such a good month! All around! We are making it! Learning how to be parents. Learning how to meet his needs. Learning that our hearts are more capable of love than we ever knew! Our boy is simply amazing.  We are so tremendously lucky that out of all the babies in the world, God choose us to get to love, cherish, and parent this one.  My heart may just burst with love for him at any moment!!

September 9, 2014 - 1:08 pm

Kate - I love your monthly posts. I also spy a sweet Pottery Barn Bunny. I am so glad he made it to you all. I hope Davis loves him. He is extra soft.

Davis, Our 3rd Month Home | Texture Tuesday

Our third month! By this point, I truly couldn’t remember what life was like before this little guy came home! What did we do with all our time? Goodness gracious we love our boy and truly love getting to see is personality shine through! This month we had several firsts! He started saying DaDa and Mama! Like really saying it, and using to get our attention! He had new words like Nana, Papa, Gigi, Honk Honk (this boy loves cars!!), pop (as in a waffle goes POP from the toaster), and more and more his verbal understanding was growing! This boy loves to read so that has been our time to learn new words.  It is so remarkable to watch his little mind work, absorb, and grow.  Makes me miss teaching… just a little bit! More of his firsts, we had more playdates, went to the lake for the first time (this mama’s heart was a nervous wreck!!!), *I* got to go out for the first night with my dear girl friends, we had our first round of sickness,  I finally got to really experience my first Mother’s Day, and we got to have OUR turn in front of the camera for family pictures!! More on our first family session on another Texture Tuesday coming soon:)

Take a look at our third month!

Family time outside, playing, laughing, and silliness!

Our future engineer:) 
Happy Mother’s Day!! 

And the sickness came… and lasted way to long…

When we got our referral for Davis, our social worker called him our Little Guy, and it just stuck! Then we saw this shirt and just had to get it.  So surreal to see him wearing it 13 months later! 
Girls night out! And silly daddy putting Davis in too big jammies…. He woke up all in a tangle with one arm out! 
First lake day, and my first night working where I wasn’t home to put him to sleep. 
Newest Braves Fan! 

There it is! An amazingly fun month! This summer of June and July has just flown by with lots of trips and visits to share, so come back to see what we have been up to and watch our little man grow and learn!

Lebanon, TN Newborn Lifestyle Photographer | Hugh

This sweet baby boy!! SO many cute, cuddly boys lately, and I just love them all.  I got to meet sweet Hugh when he was just a few days new and he was a snuggly little babe! I love getting to go to my clients homes and see their new babies in their homes! This session was no different! This little boy was so wanted, is so cherished, and you could see the love and excitement (and a little exhaustion!!) over every inch of his mama & daddy’s faces.  Take a look at a few of my favorites from their newborn lifestyle session.

F a c e b o o k
T w i t t e r
M o r e   i n f o